Bespoke Orders

Following on from the services outlined in the previous sections relating to UK Imports, Product Sourcing, and our services as an Agent or Supplier, we can operate in any combination of these capacities to fill bespoke, or one-off orders.

For example, if certain materials are required for a large construction project, and the volumes of materials required mean that it would make sense to source suppliers from overseas, we can look to satisfy that requirement, even if the order will be just a single order and not repeated.

The level of research and care required to source reliable products or materials can differ from project to project, and depending on the customer, but we are able to assess each order and investigate the viability and cost of such a request on an individual basis.

We endeavour to offer value, peace of mind, professionalism and delivery to our customers with customer satisfaction at the very forefront of our operations, so each order of this type needs to be discussed with the buyer to ascertain budgets, research required and specifics.