International Imports looks to the Spanish marketplace

See our online PDF brochure for details on our look at the Spanish market

International Imports Limited has contracted qualified, full-time agents to search for new opportunities and products in the Spanish marketplace that might be suited to the UK retail market.

As discussed in our latest newsletter update (see above), International Imports are keen to capitalise on products that are successful in the Spanish market but that do not currently see UK or English-speaking markets.

The representatives are based in Barcelona in the city's Eixample district, and will look to interact with the London Chambers of Commerce in the UK, the Food Standards Agency (FSA), the British Chambers abroad in Barcelona, various local offices and any other necessary agency or body to ensure excellent service standards and reliability when securing new products.

With various ports on the Mediterranean coast of Spain used for shipping internationally, the Spanish coast is a hub of international trade, and these trade routes and the ease of shipping goods within the EU and between Spain and the UK mean the opportunities for expanding markets are boundless.

The Euro price right now after the currency dropped dramatically against the pound offers additional value for UK buyers looking to capitalise on new sources or suppliers.