Countries with UK trade embargoes & sanctions

Being aware of international embargoes and sanctions can be essential to avoiding pitfalls in international trade.

By its very nature, international trade means interacting with countries outside of local law and governance, and therefore the political local environment may be one that you are not as aware of as you would be you local situation.

Sanctions can be imposed for any number of reasons, and to be fully aware of any that may impact countries you have considered doing business with, it pays to keep an eye on the media to see if there are any announcements or political situations that may affect international standing of a particular country or region.

The best way for a UK buyer or company to ensure that a country being considered does not have any sanctions imposed on it is to refer to the UK government site which specifically highlights embargoes and sanctions, and details exactly what they entail and who they affect.

The relevant page on the government site can be seen here.

Below is an example of the list of countries with financial sanctions imposed. Note, this could change and is only an example of the information available on the aforementioned website. Moreover, there are various other sections on that page and in that website which provide details of other sanctions (arms, terrorism and other) and the other countries involved, so full investigation is always necessary and the following list is only quoted as an example.

Countries with UK financial embargoes

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