Product Sourcing

International Imports can take on a Consulting role at various different levels, offering solutions to a range of queries or tasks.

Raw produce or materials

We are able to find suppliers, reference or assess them, determine all relevant costs, research local and international considerations, arrange samples and/or visits, investigate licenses or restrictions, check political issues, and organise transport, freight and insurance solutions to order.

Depending on various factors such as the product required, customer, funds available and the size of the requirement and future orders, we can offer different levels of service.

We can organise a quick investigation into supply in order to produce a quote for relatively easy or small orders. Similarly, if a buyer puts a great importance on securing a new product line, we can negotiate a consulting fee for in-depth research, incorporating travel and visits, primary third-party research, bespoke credit referencing and supplier assessment, and produce a professional report into the potential in a particular market.

Branded products ready for retail

For retailers or wholesalers who are looking for new products in specific areas to add to their product line, we can investigate suppliers or manufacturers who are able to fill overseas orders.

For this process, the same conditions or processes that are listed in the above section still apply, with some slightly different considerations needed.

We assess if any alterations may be necessary in order to retail a product in the UK as opposed to its local overseas market. Alterations may be possible by the supplier, or may need to be arranged by the buyer / retailer.

This can include additional labelling, language considerations, packaging or storage requirements, and any other considerations necessary to ready a product for UK retail.

Again, depending on our instructions and the terms of the contract we enter into, we can take a full and active part in finding solutions to these issues on behalf of our customers.

White-label manufacture or production of new products

If a customer wishes to add a specific new product to its own branded range of goods, we can assist in sourcing and manufacture of a new product either as joint-supplier in a joint venture, as agent with negotiated rights, or as a fixed contract to deliver a finalised product for retail to our customer.

Depending on product required, these projects are assessed and negotiated on a case-by-case basis, as the variables are extensive.

Project could involve sourcing raw products, having a processing plant combine those materials to a design, and arranging branding and packaging as well as the other typical roles we would play in sourcing and importing items.