Services Overview

The nature of our business at International Imports is relatively self-explanatory as our name suggests, but we offer certain services within our sector which we outline in this section.

The process of trading with overseas suppliers and businesses has its own challenges, but meeting customer requirements and servicing demand relies on much more than simply the ability to move goods effectively.

The goods themselves are the all-important element. We focus on accessing quality products and goods that are in demand, that our customers need, and that there is a market for.

These products are sourced in various ways and for various reasons.

We have identified four simple headings that cover the way we interact with our customers and the services we offer:

  • UK Imports
  • Product Sourcing
  • Agent or Supplier
  • Bespoke Orders

Click on these headings listed on the left of the page for details of our services in these areas, to see whether International Imports could service your business effectively and enhance your bottom line.