UK Imports

The core nature of our business is to import goods to the UK from overseas, as well as to export UK goods overseas. As highlighted in our About US section, the challenges we overcome are specialised but manageable.

We will often identify a new product or source what we believe represents value, and will contract the supplier enabling us to act as agent on their behalf. This enables us to present a new product or source to our ever-growing list of contacts who may be interested in buying or in receiving samples.

We also look for opportunities where we can modify or produce a final product for retail, organising suppliers, processing, licenses and finance, that enable us to offer our own product to retailers or wholesalers.

So the typical offer International Imports Limited would make to a UK buyer would be one of the following, with the relevant reassurances:

Raw produce or materials to be used for processing or manufacture directly from suppliers

  • We have contracts with our suppliers enabling us to represent their supply and effectively manage inventory levels and supply availability
  • We assess full cost, including net cost, transportation & loading, freight, taxes, tariffs, duties and all other
  • We ensure relevant licenses are obtained or held
  • We check that international trade embargoes or sanctions have no impact
  • We oversee BIFA-approved freight from accredited freight forwarders
  • We take responsibility for administration and documentation
  • We ensure cargo in insured 'against all risk' wherever possible from door to door
  • We monitor our margins as an agent to keep our prices competitive
  • We finance our trades based on LoC (letter of credit) from buyers, or can trade 'on account' with established customers depending on status, assessed trade by trade
  • We offer standard samples or equivalent
  • We can arrange site visits to suppliers

Goods ready for retail directly from producers or manufacturers

In these instances, the same conditions apply as above, with the additional processes:

  • Labelling suitable for target market, including ingredients or language
  • Necessary amendments made to ensure compliance with regulatory standards

Packaged or modified products we have produced ourselves

In this instance, we would not act as agent but as supplier. Our methodology would include the above services, with the additional considerations:

  • Flexibility including potential to 'white-label' adapted products for rebranding, or supply fully-branded products
  • Full compliance with all standards (food, machinery, electronics etc)
  • Pre-financing arranged to guarantee potential supply

Of these options outlined above, these services are part of our proactive endeavours and promotion of products and goods that we have identified with potential and offer to potential customers.

We do have reactionary services, or services 'to order' as well, and these are outlined in the menu on the left.